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Share a family mortgage plan and help your loved ones reach their housing dreams!

Sharing The Love, And A Mortgage!

Coming together as a family never meant more!

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Buying a home is quite possibly the largest investment an individual will ever make in their lifetime. For some, it may even be impossible to reach the financial stability and proper credit availability to obtain a home of their own.

Did you know that The House Team provides mortgage approval for family mortgage plans? 

A family mortgage plan allows for an individual to share a mortgage with their immediate family members who have good credit, but lack the income to meet standard GDSR (Gross Debt Service Ratio) and TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio) requirements. 

You can help your parents, grandparents or children buy a home of their very own!


Family Mortgage Plan Applicants:

  • Are you a parent wishing to help your adult, entrepreneurial child buy their first home?
  • Are you a parent wanting to help their child purchase a home at a post-secondary educational facility?
  • Do you want to help buy a home for your elderly parents who are on a fixed income?


Can You Help Your Kids With Their First Mortgage

Help Your Kids With Their First Mortgage!With Canada’s rising housing costs, it is remarkable how many of our young adults are living at home with their parents rather than starting out on their own. Although we, as parents, love to have our children as close to home as possible, we do wish we could give them a head start on their own family plans.

With a family mortgage plan, you can help your child with their first mortgage!

Currently, the average Canadian housing costs are between $488,862 - $531,000. With the minimum downpayment on a house being up to $50,000, your child’s housing dreams may be quite far out of reach. 

When you apply for a family mortgage plan, you are giving your child a head start into the world and foot up with their financial freedom! 



Can You Help Your Elderly Parents Purchase Their Own Home On A Fixed Income?

You Can help your elderly parents purchase their own home!Mortgage loans are usually based on the funds accumulated through an individual’s current income, as well as assets and credit scores. 

Your elderly parents may be on a fixed income, due to a pension plan. Can they still obtain a mortgage if they’re on a pension plan?

The answer is yes! With YOUR help!

On a shared family mortgage plan, adult kids with the financial stability and freedom available to help support another mortgage have the ability to help their elderly parents obtain a mortgage!

Looking for a way to support your family’s dreams this year? There’s no place like a home!

Contact our qualified mortgage approval team today at The House Team in Belleville. We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of co-signing, co-owning, and giving your family their housing dreams this year!


Important Notes About Shared Family Mortgages:

  • This program does not include the purchase of non-owner-occupied investment properties nor purchases for family members with poor credit.
  • minimum 5% down payment required

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