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Affordable, Fast and Easy!

Whether you are purchasing a home, refinancing your mortgage or moving your mortgage to a new lender, The House Team helps you understand and complete the mortgage approval process - from start to finish AND after closing!



Getting a mortgage is probably one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever have! With The House Team, you can say “I’m APPROVED!” with confidence!

The House Team works alongside you throughout the entire mortgage process. We help you understand how the mortgage approval process works, how to apply for a mortgage and even help you obtain a mortgage pre-approval!

And when some brokers would say goodbye after closing, we stay in touch with you to ensure that you are on track with your financial and homeownership goals!

Whether you are purchasing your first home, refinancing your mortgage at a lower interest rate or moving your mortgage to a different mortgage lender, there are specific steps that need to be taken. The House Team in Quinte, Ontario, will give you the knowledge you need to make these steps with confidence!


How To Begin the Process Of A Mortgage Approval

Before obtaining a mortgage approval, it is important that we understand your goals, scope out possible hurdles and answer questions. Reviewing your mortgage situation with you will give us a better idea of what you are looking for and help you to reach your goals more quickly.

For example, The House Team can provide you with tips on how to quickly raise your credit score! This is a very important aspect of the mortgage approval process - helping you to qualify for the best insurance rates and obtain your home dreams faster! We make the process easy for you!

When you are ready, we’ll then move forward with getting the mortgage application completed!


3 Step Mortgage Approval Application Process

The House Team in Quinte will provide, and help you complete, all of the mortgage documentation needed in order to secure your mortgage financing. One less step for you to worry about!

Once we have all of your mortgage documentation, we’ll recommend and submit your application to the BEST Mortgage Lender for your mortgage needs.

The mortgage lender will then verify your employment and banking information, review your credit report, and make sure that both your finances and the property meet all the qualifying guidelines for the mortgage. They will also order a property appraisal if required.

Your application will also need mortgage insurance approval if you have less than 20% down.

If your application meets all of the guidelines, we’ll receive a mortgage commitment. This means that you are APPROVED as long as certain financial conditions are met.

At this point, we’ll review the mortgage lender’s conditions and make sure they are satisfied and accepted - giving us a “file complete”!

You will then sign the commitment letter and our team will return it to your lender! If you are purchasing a home, this is the point where you can then waive your financing condition(s)!

MORTGAGE TIP FOR HOMEBUYERS: It is important that you don’t make significant changes to your income or debts before your mortgage closes!


What Is Mortgage Pre-Closing And Funding?

Now that your mortgage has been approved and you have signed the commitment letter, the next step is pre-closing and funding your mortgage!

At this point, you will meet with your lawyer approximately one week before your mortgage closes and sort out any outstanding documentation/funding.

What Is A Mortgage Lawyer Responsible For?

  • Your mortgage lawyer will advise you on the paperwork you need to bring/complete upon your closing date. 
  • Your mortgage lawyer will submit the documentation necessary to be registered on title.
  • Your mortgage lawyer will transfer your funds on closing day.


The House Team Will Follow Up With You!

Unlike other mortgage brokers, The House Team knows that your mortgage is too important to say goodbye right after closing! We’ll stay in touch all the way through, exploring every option to save you money and help you achieve your long term goals!

BONUS OFFER: Get A Mortgage Pre-Approval With The House Team!

Shopping for a new home? A Mortgage Approval with The House Team will:

  • Tell you how much you qualify for 
  • Tell you what your mortgage payments will be
  • Provide you with an interest rate that will be held for a specific period of time (ie. 120 days)

Obtaining a Mortgage Pre-Approval will ensure that you don’t fall in love with a home that you can’t afford! It could also tell you that you are ready for the house of your dreams!

With a Mortgage Pre-Approval, you’ll be shopping with a full wallet!

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