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Improving Credit Improving Credit Your first move should be to look into your mortgage options… Is your credit keeping you from the best mortgage rates? We can help you. Your credit history is an integral part of the mortgage approval process because that history is a reliable indicator of how you will manage your mortgage and your finances in the future. Your credit score provides a snap shot of your perceived lending risk at a particular moment in time. It can change from month to month, which provides a great opportunity for you to improve your score if you need to with the right credit behaviours. Unfortunately,
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8 Tips You Won't Get From Your Bank 8 Tips You Won't Get From Your Bank If you’ve got a mortgage – or plan to get one this year – you probably know that it’s more complicated than it used to be just a few short years ago. That said, I have many tips and strategies that can help you get the mortgage you need, tweak the one you have, or help you plan for renewal. Here are my top eight: ONE: To get the best deal, you need options. When you go to your bank, you’re talking to one lender. Their best deal might not be THE best deal. It’s also difficult to qualify at a bank if you are self-employed, have past
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