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The House Team at Mortgage Intelligence in Belleville provides homeowners with affordable secondary mortgage approvals.

Second Home and Vacation Mortgage Program

The House Team Belleville Provides Free Mortgage Reviews.

Did you know that you can purchase your vacation or second home with as little as 5% down!  

With the cold, winter months taking their toll in Ontario, Canada, now is the time that many homeowners are thinking about an “escape”. On top of the frigid temperatures, COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario have also forced most families indoors for the winter! It’s no wonder that homeowners are starting to look at expanding with second home ownership goals.

Is it time to grow with your family’s expanding needs this year? Thankfully, The House Team in Belleville can help! With years of mortgage experience and a thorough understanding of the current housing market, we provide the knowledge, tools and expertise you need to get that second mortgage!


Mortgages For Vacation and Second Homes The House Team At Mortgage Intelligence provides secondary homeowner mortgages.

A vacation home or second home can be a great investment for you and your family. Why? Because as families grow and change over the years, so do their needs and desires.

Where a first home buyer might be looking for a small starter home, an experienced homeowner might be looking to expand their home investments and provide homes for their children, parents or summer vacation plans.The House Team in Quinte understands the growing needs within a family, as well the desire to increase their asset opportunities. 

Fortunately, Genworth Canada has provided a vacation and second home mortgage option that makes this growth opportunity possible! 


The Vacation and Secondary Home Program 

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The purpose of the Vacation and Secondary Home Program is to allow borrowers to purchase a second home with an affordable monthly payment. It offers homeowners the opportunity to pay only a 5% down payment on either a second home or a vacation home. This means that the homeowner will only need a maximum of 95% LTV (loan-to-value ratio), depending on the property type.

Are you looking to purchase a vacation home away from home this year? Now is the time! With record low interest rates and only a 5% down payment, this could be the best time to purchase! 

Eligible Secondary Home Properties 

The Vacation and Secondary Home Program allows homeowners to achieve their homeownership goals with a reasonable financial plan in place! 

If you are interested in obtaining a second mortgage this year, consider whether your dream home falls into the Type A Property or Type B Property category. 

Not sure which category your second home ownership dream falls into? Contact the mortgage experts at The House Team in Belleville! We have extensive expertise in obtaining the right mortgage plan for your needs. 

We can provide homeowners with the practical next steps in obtaining a second mortgage. Our team works with our homeowners to provide financial expertise, mortgage qualification tools and eligibility expertise. 


Type A Property - Secondary Home The House Team provides mortgage approvals for secondary home mortgages.

Type A properties refer to secondary homes. In this case, lifestyle or career changes may require a homeowner to purchase a second home in another area - ie. a home in the city to reduce commute time to the office throughout the week. Second homes are also a great way for homeowners to purchase a home for their elderly parents, for their student in university or for their newly married child.

Maximum Loan Amount For Secondary Home

  • Metro Toronto, Metro Calgary & Metro Vancouver: $750,000 

  • Rest of Canada: $600,000

  • 95% LTV


Type B Property - Vacation Home The House Team at Mortgage Intelligence provides vacation home mortgage approvals.

Type B properties refer to vacation homes. Vacation homes are very appealing to homeowners in Canada who are looking for a weekend getaway location or summer vacation home.

Maximum Loan Amount For Secondary Home

  • $350,000 (exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis)

  • 90% LTV


How To Apply For A Second Home or Vacation Home Mortgage 

Contact The House Team at Mortgage Intelligence today to apply for your vacation or second home mortgage! We offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION MORTGAGE REVIEWS  that will allow you to plan out your homeownership goals realistically. 

Your First Step To A Second Mortgage? 

The House Team Belleville Provides Free Mortgage Reviews.


*LTV (Loan To Value) Meaning: The financial relationship between the initial mortgage balance and the property value.